My Welcome Gift to you: Get 10% off your first purchase! Use coupon code WELCOME when you check out.
My Welcome Gift to you: Get 10% off your first purchase! Use coupon code WELCOME when you check out.
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How to print your files


 My shop has partnered with Prints of Love to offer clients affordable, high quality, online printing services. Simply follow this link: to select your print options and they will handle the rest!

♡ They offer international shipping and free US shipping and envelopes in most sizes.

♡ For every order you place, Prints of Love plants a tree in your name!  It's their way of creating a net positive environmental impact with each order!  They are an official Reforestation Partner with One Tree Planted.  

 The other options are to print at home or have them printed professionally at your local print shop that accepts PDF or JPEG files.

♡ Most designs use large amounts of ink, so we recommend using a print shop or ordering online


Printing the backside on Templett, Little Printables Shop

 Select both "SAVE PAPER" and "SHOW TRIM MARKS" to ON.

 You will see the two fronts and two backs on the same page.

 Print the invitation and turn it over to print the backside.

 Be sure to do a test print to make sure it's facing the correct way.


Don't want the backside? Templett, Little Printables Shop

♡ No problem!  Scroll down to the backside and click on the trash can icon to the right of the file of the file before downloading.

 When you are printing as a PDF, be sure to select "SAVE PAPER" to "ON" so that two invitations download onto one page.

 If you're downloading a JPEG to send the file digitally as an E-vite, you can also delete the back, as you won't need it for a digital file.


 For all our templates, we recommend printing on heavy WHITE card stock or photo paper.

 Be sure the document print at 100% or "Actual size" (in the print settings) when you print at home.  Sometimes "Scale to fit" will automatically be selected.

 Set the print quality to "HIGH" in print properties or preferences for best results.

 Test print one to check if your print settings are correct before printing many.

 All PDF and JPEG files are 300dpi which is the standard for professional printing.  


♡ Colors may print differently from what you see on your screen. 

♡ It is also possible that color variations may occur between a photo lab, at home printer and a professional printer.

♡ Little Printables Shop is not responsible for errors or undesired colors that occur during the print process.